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How to activate windows 10 Use product key

Key Windows 10 product key not only for Windows 10 activation but also the performance of Windows 10. There are many advantages to activating Windows, such as it can speed up your Windows 10. Now, there are many questions in your mind about activating Windows 10 using a single product key. We are deleting you here in this post, we will provide a genuine Windows 10 product key. In addition, we will see that how can we activate using Windows 10 activator.
Both methods are important because if i first: e Windows Product Key does not work for any reason then you can use the second key i: e Windows 10 Activator.
Why is it necessary to insert a Windows 10 product key?
When you install Windows 10, after installation, it may ask you to insert the Windows 10 Product Key. There are several reasons, some of which are mentioned below:
It's annoying to see a repeating Activation message.
Some features of Windows 10 do not work without activation.
Sometimes, a theme does not work in Windows.
Activation of Windows 10 is necessary.
Valid, latest, 100% active Windows 10 Product Key by 2018
Here I will show you the product key for Windows 10 in 2018 that will work everywhere, plus we make sure that this Windows 10 Product Key can be applied or inserted into any version of Windows. ten.
Activate Windows 10 without Windows Activator or Product Key
Have you wondered how to get genuine Windows 10 and activate without using any Windows 10 activation? Do not worry, there are solutions, if you have installed Windows 7 or Windows 8 with a Windows product key or activation key, you can automatically get Windows 10 activation.
It means if your previous Windows was 7 or 8 and you upgraded it to Windows 10. Then you do not need any Windows 10 activation or Windows 10 product key / serial lock.
How to activate Windows 10 with the Microsoft Toolkit 2019
Remember that the Microsoft Toolkit is the easiest way to register your Windows 10.
Follow these steps to use the Windows 10 trigger:
Download the Microsoft Toolkit from here.
Open the downloaded file from the Downloads folder.
In this tool, there is the Office icon> Click it to activate Windows 10 without the product key.
Click 'EZ-Activator' after a few seconds, Windows 10 will activate with Windows 10 Trigger.
What is the new Windows 10 product key of 2018? Or try Windows Activator 10
Today, we will show you a 100% Product Key or a serial key of 2018. The key we mentioned above can work in all Windows Version 10 versions. But for some reason, that lock sometimes does not work, so we have a lot of product keys or serial keys for Windows 10 for you:
Windows 10 Home Edition
Windows 10 Single Language Lock
Windows 10 Education
Windows Serial Pro Pro Key
The key to all kinds of supplements:
Please let us know in the comments if this serial key for Windows 10 really suits you. Also, how does your experience to activate Windows 10? Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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View Product Key on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 with ProduKey

View Product Key on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 with ProduKey. ProduKey is a free software developed by Nirsoft to help you view the product key easily.
The software is built in the form of Portable. You do not need to install in just one click to be able to see all Product Key on the computer. This software will help you in case you want to backup, restore the Windows and Office license.
View Product Key on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 with ProduKey
First, download the ProduKey software from the home page. Then unzip and run the software. Now you can see all the product keys on your computer.
So, in the above article has introduced you software that you can easily view Product Key on Windows 7 product key/8 / 8.1 / 10. Hope this article will help you. Good luck!

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Get Windows 7 Product Key 100% Free to Work

Although Microsoft released Windows 8 product key and Windows 10, Windows 7 is still considered the most popular operating system. Windows 7 is primarily used by companies, students, universities, offices and organizations as it is the best operating system available.
For office and corporate users, we always recommend using genuine Windows 7 product key and Windows 7 or product key to activate your copy of windows 7. This post is specifically written Students only require Product Key 7 or Activation Key to activate any version of Windows to benefit from all the advanced features of Windows 7.
Product Key for Windows 7 Home Premium 2017
Windows 7 Home Basic Product Key 2017
Professional product key Windows 7 2017
Windows 7 Starter Starter Pack 2017
Final product key of Windows 7 2017
You copy and paste the lock as shown below:
I hope you find the right Windows 7 serial key for your computer.

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Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 RC

We have an article on how to download Windows 7 RC and how to upgrade from Windows 7 Beta without having to install from scratch. And, we'll show you how to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 RC without leaving your Windows settings.
We all know, the trial version of Windows 7 home premium product key RC has just been released, allowing users to download free until June this year, the trial period of up to 13 months, meaning you can use to as of June 1, 2010. Therefore, you can use Windows 7 RC for free upgrades from Microsoft for more than a year.
With that in mind, there's no reason not to download and use the latest trial version of Windows 7. However, there is one drawback: If you are not using Windows Vista (which Windows XP RC or Windows 7 Beta, before the trial version) instead of directly upgrading to the latest version, Windows 7 RC requires you to install completely new. This means that the options, properties ... you have set up on the old Windows will be lost and after installation, you have to reset from the beginning, it will take a lot of time and effort.
In the previous article, I showed you how to upgrade from Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC without having to install a new one. If you are a Windows XP product key user and would like to try out this latest version of Windows 7, here are some tips and tricks to get you up to speed with Windows 7 Upgrade. RC but still retain the properties set.
- First, you download the installation of Windows 7 RC according to the instructions have been introduced.
- Use a dedicated burning program like Nero or XPCD Burner to burn this iso file to a DVD, or use a virtual disc creation software to burn the ISO file to the virtual disc as instructed here.
- Access the newly created DVD (burn directly to a virtual disk or disk), navigate to the Support folder -> Migwiz and enable the migsetup.exe file.
- The Windows Easy Transfer window appears. You click on Next in the first step and select An external disk or USB flash drive in the next step.
- In the next step, click on This is my old Computer so that Windows Easy Transfer starts scanning the whole system. Once the scan is complete, the list of properties you have set up, the files, folders that will be shared, the profiles that are available on Windows XP will appear for you to choose and should be removed. any thing.
- Click next and enter your password in case your Windows XP account has a password at login.
- Next, click on Save, choose where to save the USB or external hard drive that you are connecting to the machine.
- Finally, activate the Windows 7 RC installation DVD to start the installation process.
- During installation, click on Custom and select Upgrade to start the upgrade.
- Next step, select the partition that contains Windows XP and click next to start the installation process (without affecting Windows XP).
- Once the installation of Windows 7 finishes, reboot the system to start using the system in the Windows 7 RC environment.
- Next, click Start, select All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools and then click on Windows Easy Transfer.
- The Windows Easy Transfer window will open again. This time, click on the "This is my New Computer" option, click on Yes and browse for the location of the previously stored backup files (located on your USB or external hard drive) and click Open. .
- Next, click on Transfer to transfer all files, settings, profiles ... saved to Windows 7 product key.
- Finally, click Close after the conversion process is over.
Thus, the old attributes you have set on Windows XP are still preserved on Windows 7 RC. This is similar to how you still use Windows XP inside the shell of Windows 7 RC but with the features and power of the new operating system, without having to reset from scratch.
Here are the detailed steps to transfer properties from Windows XP to Windows 7 RC, which saves you the time to reset in case you want to test the latest version of Windows 7. Hope the article will have Useful for you.

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Windows 7 test ready for direct download

Users can download the trial version of Windows 7 from a Microsoft server without having to "fumble" the unauthorized version on peer-to-peer sites.
The first test of Windows 7 appeared on peer-to-peer (P2P) sites in late December, which received quite a bit of positive reviews from both users and IT-savvy websites. Perhaps that is why Microsoft is now confident that all users will be able to download the free beta directly in 5 languages ​​(Arabic, English, German, Hindi, Japanese) from their website.
On the download page, Microsoft recommends minimal user configuration:
CPU 32-bit or 64-bit 1Ghz
1GB of RAM
16GB of free disk space installed on Windows
The graphics card supports DirectX 9 with at least 128MB of RAM to use the Aero image effect
DVD-R / W drive
Connect to the Internet to download trial and updates
The Widows download is an ISO file of about 2.43 GB. You can install Windows 7 beta by using popular software such as Nero burn the disk if there is a burner, or use the free virtual disk management software like DAEMON tools to install, then mount Disk and install new Windows 7.
A few notes when downloading the trial version of Windows 7 product key:
To download, you need a Hotmail account, MSN Messenger, or Passport account to start, or sign up (Sign up) right at the download page. After filling in the registration information, an email confirmation request is sent to the registered email address of the service. Click on the link in the email, and you will be taken to the download page with the product key ("CD-key") that activates the Windows 7 beta for the installation process. Each product key is only valid for a single email account.
Install Windows 7 beta on a different hard drive partition than the current Windows installation partition to avoid unnecessary conflict.
Use Windows product key Update to update your drivers and patches immediately after installing Windows 7
Free trial version available until August 1, 2009. Of course, as with any other testing software, Windows 7 beta is sure to spts many errors and incomplete components.
This extensive test is essentially the same as the one revealed at the end of December 2008. However, the free download of Microsoft office 2016 product key can help overcome some of the inconvenience, such as driving hardware vendors to update their Windows 7 drivers. Troubleshooting such as not being able to connect to the Internet, utilizing the power of the graphics card, or using less common hardware installed on the machine.

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How to customize Windows 10 to look like Windows 7

Many users are still reluctant to update to Windows 10 for reasons such as waiting for the update to stabilize, or because they are familiar with the design of the previous version is Windows 7, which feels Windows 10 is somewhat difficult to use.
Windows 10 product key brings a whole host of new features, and has a number of advantages over its predecessors, including the ability to accelerate boot-up, the ability to run Universal applications, and Cortana or support stream games with Xbox.
However, for many personal reasons, many users are still afraid to update to Windows 10. They may be waiting for stable updates, or because they are familiar with the design of the version. Previously Windows 7, which felt Windows 10 somewhat difficult to use.
Fortunately, Microsoft has the ability to customize the UI interface on Windows 10 to make it look exactly like the previous generation of Windows 7 product key. Interested readers can find out and try out the steps below.
Install the new Start Menu menu bar
Meet the expectations of the majority of computer users, Windows 10 has brought back the familiar Start Menu menu bar since the Windows 7 and earlier. However, this menu bar has a very different layout than its predecessors, and makes it relatively difficult for users to familiarize themselves with.
To return to the Windows 7-like menu bar, users first need to download and install a software called Classic Shell with version 4.2.2 or higher.
During the installation of Classic Shell, users can remove the option to install two features Classic Explorer and Classic IE.
After the installation process is complete, you can see the Classic Shell icon in the upper left corner of the screen, instead of the default Windows Start Menu's default menu bar. 10. Right-click and select Settings.
In the settings, tick tick tick under "Show all settings"
Then, select the Start Menu Style tab below, then select the interface of Windows 7 listed in the options pane.
Next, to change the Windows 7 Start Menu icon, navigate to the Start Button tab, select the Custom button, and navigate to where you put the newly downloaded image file.
Finally, navigate to the Skin tab at the bottom right. In the Skin menu, select Windows Aero. Click OK, and this is your result.

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Four Ways to Troubleshoot Black Screen of Windows 10

Sometimes, yes, we mean that sometimes it happens that nothing appears on the screen and you have to endure from Windows 10 Black Screen. This error is also known as the Windows 10 Black Screen of Death which we also mentioned earlier. We have written a long discussion on Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death which is not the same with this 10 black screen window without a cursor. Here we have 4 different ways to solve Windows 10 Black Screen:
1: Windows 10 black screen using quick startup disable
This solution does not always apply to every problem but in many cases, we observe you can solve the Windows 10 black screen without the cursor.
IMPORTANT: This issue will resolve in Windows 10 Safe Mode. Because of the obvious, when your black screen gets stuck on Windows 10 then you can not do anything. you may have to do it in Safe Mode. You do not know what is the safe mode and how to enter this mode? Do not worry, here you can go check out How to boot into Windows 10 Safe Mode.
Once you've entered Safe Mode: Follow a few points. After the steps, the screenshots are also available if you are stuck at any point.
Go to Start Menu and type Control Panel.
Open Dashboard.
Under Search, enter Source Options.
Also, you can find the Power option and open it now.
From the left, select the Power button> Click this option.
Now click Change settings are not available.
Deselect the Turn On Fast Startup option.
Enjoy! It will fix the problem.
2: Update the graphics driver and exit the black screen in Windows 10 immediately
Immediately exit the windows 10 dead screen and start using your normal PC. What you need to do is update your graphics card using the device manager.
Connect your laptop to the Internet.
Go to the Start Menu, enter Device Manager> Open it.
Check all drivers that are installed and updated.
First update the outdated drivers.
Restart your computer, now it solves the windows 10 black screen during installation.
Here, we have mentioned three ways to troubleshoot Windows 10 Black Screen. Also, if you hit somewhere to ask me in the comment section. Your feedback is appreciated.
3: Update all drivers by TweakBit
The graphics card driver, the attached device driver, will be installed and updated with Tweakbit. First, you need to check: How to download and install TweakBit.
Once you have installed Tweakbit.
This program will automatically scan all old and outdated drivers from your Windows 10 product key.
Note: If you do not like this way to update drivers in Windows 10. Simply check this to update the driver and fix the 10 black screen windows with the cursor after login. Check out how to install and update Windows 10 drivers easily.
4: Windows 10 Black Screen Vs. Reset Windows 10 pro product key
Resetting Windows 10 will also work when you are in Windows Safe Mode 10. In this step, you may have to revisit Windows Safety Mode. Now, assuming you are in Safe Mode, actually, if you want to enter Safe Mode with F8 key or Start Windows 10 Safe Mode From Shutdown Windows 10 Turn Off Safe Mode.
One option is your, enter safe mode in any way ends as we have to work on Windows 10 black screen with cursor.
Here are seven ways to troubleshoot Windows 10 Black Screen. Also, if you hit somewhere to ask me in the comment section. Your feedback is appreciated.